We are manufacturers of bespoke renewable energy solutions for home, farm, industrial and commercial use.

We supply a range of integrated energy services aimed at the technical and administrative optimization of business activities, systems and buildings. These include heating management (heating and air-conditioning), indoor climate consulting, plant and infrastructural engineering and installation, technological re-qualification and research and development of new solutions.
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Our Vision

We are determined to be the preferred brand name and provider of solar energy solutions, spread around all towns and cities in Zimbabwe, as the ultimate source for solar power and water heating products and services. Establish a network of agents, delivering solutions packaged with innovation.

Our Mission

To deliver energy saving solutions, cost effectively and improve quality of life for its customers and help create a sustainable environment.

Our History

the story of Impact Solar Energy


Starting as Impact Electronics, a business providing services to the industrial business sector in Process and Power Electronics, IMPACT diversified into solar energy products and services in 1992. The business then changed to Impact Solar Energy Pvt Ltd in 2013 and opened up its offices in Harare at 30 Garth rd Borrowdale


Impact Solar energy is a manufacturer of bespoke renewable energy solutions for home, farm, industrial and commercial use. Established in 1990 by Industrial Electronic Engineers Ingo Pinkowski (German) and Chamu Muchenje (Zimbabwean).


Impact procured a license to manufacture Solar Water Heating Panels and Solar Geysers from Wulfing und Hauk of Germany. The company's aim is to provide efficient, durable and affordable Technology for Africa with a low cost of ownership.

International Recognition

The World Bank funded Global Environmental Facility (GEF) Solar Project brought the opportunity for IMPACT to be both a manufacturer and supplier of solar power products. IMPACT delivered over 3,000 stand alone solar powered systems to Homes, Health Facilities and Educational Centres.