Impact Solar Energy supplies and installs high quality solar water pumps from Germany. These pumps are capable of lifting water from 20m – 350m and have a flow rate ranging from 5.0m3/h – 130.0m3/h.

Solar PV water pumping systems are reliable, and very cost-effective and can replace manual pumps, if used in the right location. A solar water pumping system does not have to use batteries to provide the power as the pump will operate during the day by pumping water into a tank for use at night.

In a household application, the storage reservoir is located above the house so that when someone opens a tap, gravity provides the water pressure to the faucets.

What you need to know when selecting your system:

Daily water usage, in liters, both average and maximum Available sunshine, in average hours per day, and your need for a consistent water supply Distance from source to supply (borehole to tap)


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