We manufacture Soladur solar water geysers using thermo-plastic technology under license from Germany. we have been manufacturing these high quality geysers since 1995. Our geysers come with a 25 year guarantee which far surpasses the lifespan of the metal geysers of copper and stainless steel that are being sold on the market. We have manufactured and installed more than 2,500 geysers throughout Zimbabwe since 1995.

In November 2009, IMPACT concluded a partnership deal with AMCORTEC and STTA (Solar Technology to Africa) for the supply of top quality high pressure solar geysers. Given that Israel is the country with the highest level of solar water heating use, with AMCORTEC, we have a world class partner for Zimbabwe. STTA are providers of innovative solar power solutions to Africa. Through this linkage, we are able to cost effectively import and install at short turnaround, solar geysers in quantities as may be demanded on the market.


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