Impact Solar Energy supplies a range of integrated energy services aimed at the technical and administrative optimization of business activities, systems and buildings. These include heating management (heating and air-conditioning), indoor climate consulting, plant and infrastructural engineering and installation, technological re-qualification and research and development of new solutions.


The choice of a proper location is the first and the very essential step in solar system design procedure. Even the most carefully planned solar system doesn’t work satisfactory, if the location wasn’t properly chosen. This is a simple process that  can take as little as an hour.

During this the designer will:

1.Inspect the location

2. Establish location for solar components

3.Shading analysis

4.Roof inspection

5.Establish conduit runs. Each of our systems are structurally engineered to ensure they will be there for years to come.

Design and Installation for solar water heating systems and solar power systems. We tailor your power system to suit all your needs for residential and commercial use. Our solar water heating system is made and installed to last and meet your needs.
Your current solar system can be upgraded or made more efficient by adding solar panels to the existing solar system. Battery replacement may be necessary once your current system is giving less hours of energy.


Owning a solar system is a big investment, and solar system maintenance is necessary to ensure your long-term benefits. We service all residential and commercial solar installations.  Through troubleshooting solar PV performance issues and performing the preventative maintenance that will keep your solar facility running at peak performance.
It is a technique used to establish the pattern of energy use, and identifies the areas where energy can be saved or where energy can be used judiciously. An energy audit consists of a detailed examination of how a facility uses energy, what the facility pays for that energy, and finally, a recommended program for changes in operating practices or energy consuming equipment that will effectively save on energy bills.


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